Race Rules

Race Rules

  1. Start and finish are at Rotary Park.  There is limited parking. However, overflow is parking  available in the adjacent Yukon Government parking lot.

  2. The post-race meal is pizza and includes a vegetarian option.

  3. There will be no time adjustment for late starts and a 15 minute penalty will be assessed. Late starters must check in with officials. Runners are disqualified if they are later than 15 minutes after the official start of their event.

  4. Finish time is when you dip your timing stick!

  5. The race cut-off for all events is 6 hours from the start of the full marathon, or 2:30 pm. Aid stations and official timing will be shut down at 2:30 on race day.

  6. For marathoners expecting to run over 5.5 hours, there is an early start at 7:00 am. Please advise race officials of your intention to start early by e-mail or when you pick up your bib.

  7. At all times, runners must follow the directions of race officials.

  8. Due to the narrow trails and steep drop-offs, no dogs, push buggies, or supporters on bicycles are allowed. Take care and be courteous to other trail users. These are public trails and they are available to other users while the race is underway. If you see a hiker or a biker, let them know you are coming and try to avoid disrupting their trail experience.

  9. Runners are expected to be courteous and respectful to volunteers - without the volunteers, this race would not happen.

  10. Exercise care, caution, courtesy and common sense when passing other runners or trail users. Let others know that you are coming, and that you intend to pass.

  11. If you leave the race for any reason, make sure you inform a volunteer at the nearest check point or the start/finish line, or a safety patrol member. Otherwise, we will come searching for you.

  12. You are responsible for returning your timing stick to us. These are expensive to replace!

  13. If you encounter a runner in distress, offer assistance and/or report the situation to the nearest aid station.

  14. In the event that you encounter a bear, exercise extreme caution. We would recommend that you retreat to the nearest aid station, or take a wide detour around the bear. Advise any runners in the area as well as officials at the nearest aid station along the route of the sighting.  To learn more about bear safety, read Environment Yukon's publication, How to stay safe in bear country.  This publication is available in French and German as well. 

  15. Please be quiet when running through Robert Service Campground. It's early and some campers may still be sleeping.

  16. Headphones/earbuds must not be worn while on the course!

  17. Violation of the Race Rules may result in a 15 minute penalty or race disqualification, at the discretion of the Race Director.