Race Rules

Race Rules 2024

1. At all times, runners must follow the directions of race officials.

2. All runners must submit their completed waivers in advance of the race and they must sign in at the Runner Check-in before proceeding to the start line. Failure to complete either step may result in race disqualification.

3. Runners must be a minimum age of 14 years old (as of race day) in order to participate.  Runners under the age of 18 must submit their completed “Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk” Agreement which is different from the Adult Waiver.  

4. There will be no time adjustment for late starts and a 15 minute penalty will be assessed. Late starters must check in with officials before starting the race. Runners are disqualified if they are later than 15 minutes after the official start of their event. 

4. The finish time is the time at which a runner dips their timing stick!  

6. Runners must return their timing sticks to race officials at the start/finish line prior to the race cut-of time.

7. The race cut-off for all events is 6 hours from the start of the full marathon, or 2:30 pm. Aid stations and official timing will be shut down at 2:30 on race day.

Cut-off Times

In order to achieve course (and finish line) closure at 2:30 pm, cut-off times are implemented at the end of legs 2, 3 and 4. 

An individual or team who does not complete the leg by the given time will have their timing stick taken and be asked to take off their bib.  They and/or their team may continue to run the course, but will no longer be considered as part of the race. 

Cut off times are as follows: 

Leg 2 completion (Chadburn Lake) - 11:30 am
Leg 3 completion (Miles Canyon) - 12:50 pm
Leg 4 completion (Rotary Park) - 2:45 pm

We understand that meeting these cut off times may be a concern for some marathoners and relay teams.  Please keep in mind that race organizers have chosen to implement cut off times to be fair to volunteers on the course. 

8.  Early start: For marathoners expecting to run over 5.5 hours and for relay teams who are concerned about meeting the cut off times, there is an early start at 7:00 am. Early start-times must be confirmed with race officials in advance of the race as prescribed by the race officials. (Note that the early start is self-supported - there are no marshals, water stations, food, or bicycle sweep on course until the 8:30 start time - be prepared for this!)

9. The Early Start is not intended to advantage faster runners or teams who want to start when the temperatures are cooler.  Any marathoner or relay team that starts at 7:00am but whose time of completion is 5 hours or less will be assessed a penalty of 15 minutes.  This policy change creates a more level playing field for both competitive and recreational runners. 

10. For walkers:   A walker's back toe cannot leave the ground until the heel of the front foot has touched, that is, one foot should be in contact with the ground at all times.  There are no race officials or judges on course to monitor adherence to this rule. Instead we adopt an honour system, trusting that walkers will abide by this rule.

11. Due to the narrow trails and steep drop-offs, no dogs, push buggies, or supporters on bicycles are allowed. Take care and be courteous to other trail users. These are public trails, and they are available to other users while the race is underway. If runners see a hiker or a biker, let them know you are coming and try to avoid disrupting their trail experience.

12. The use of poles is allowed but not recommended by race organizers.  To reduce risks of interference and injury to other participants, runners using poles must position themselves at the back of the mass start of their race.  On course, runners should refrain from using poles as they approach or pass other runners and users of the trail.  Runners are expected to hold their poles in the vertical position in front of their body until they have safely passed other trail users. 

13. Runners are expected to be courteous and respectful to all other runners as well as race volunteers.  Abuse and harassment of others, whether verbal or physical in nature, will not be tolerated.

Exercise care, caution, courtesy, and common sense when passing other runners or trail users. Runners must let others know that they are coming, and that they intend to pass.  Runners should aim to maintain a reasonable distance between themselves and the person(s) they are passing.

14. Runners who lose the trail should make best efforts to return to the place where they deviated from the course. 

15. If leaving the race for any reason without finishing, runners must inform a volunteer at the nearest check point or the start/finish line, or a safety patrol member. Otherwise, runners may be considered lost and cause unnecessary hardship on race volunteers.

16. If participants encounter a runner in distress, they may offer non-medical assistance and should report the situation to the nearest aid station/race volunteer.

17.Medical responders from the Canadian Ski Patrol reserve the right to remove a runner/team for safety reasons at their discretion.

18. In the event of a wildlife encounter (i.e. a bear), participants must exercise extreme caution. Runners are advised to retreat to the nearest aid station and/or take a wide detour around the bear. Advise any runners in the area as well as officials at the nearest aid station along the route of the sighting.  Runners are expected to review the Bear safety information provided by race officials and be prepared. 

19. Runners must be quiet when running through Robert Service Campground. It's early and some campers may still be sleeping.

2o. Runners are encouraged to bring a cell phone as well as bear deterrents such as a whistle, single use air horn, bear bell, etc.

21. Headphones/earbuds must not be worn while on the course.

22. Violation of the Race Rules may result in a 15-minute time penalty or race disqualification, at the discretion of the Race Director. Race officials reserve the right to decline participation in future YRTM races on the basis of violating the Race Rules.

23. Race fees are NOT refundable, however spots may be transferred to others through the online registration portal as prescribed and prior to any imposed deadlines.

24. While it is not desired to do so, the cancelation of the race may be required in unique circumstances that not within the control of the race organizers (i.e. inclement weather, pandemic, perceived threat to safety). Race organizers reserve the right to cancel the race at their sole discretion.  In the event that race organizers cancel the race, partial refunds may be issued at the sole discretion of the race organizers.