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We're at capacity.  Only unregistered relay runners can register to complete an existing team.

Thank you to everyone who has registered for the YRTM.   We are thrilled by the interest in our race - we reached our capacity of 325 participants in just 10 days.   At this time we are unable to register any more participants in the individual events, and no new teams can be created.   At this time only unregistered relay team mates of existing teams can register to complete their team. Use the Registration Page to complete your relay team.

We know that some of you will be disappointed with the news that we have reached full capacity.  However, there may still be opportunities to participate in the race.   As the race date draws closer,  some registered runners will need to withdraw for any number of reasons.  Our system allows registered runners to transfer their registration to another person.  We encourage runners who are looking for a spot and runners who have a spot to transfer to post a message on our  Facebook page.   We encourage you to check our page regularly so that you can take advantage of transfer opportunities. 

Detailed instructions on how to transfer a spot will be posted on our website shortly.  

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and interest.  We look forward to seeing you in August. 

Happy running!

The race date for 2018, our 20th, will be Sunday, August 5th. We are usually around the first Sunday in August.

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